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October 16 I came to this vet because my dog had a sudden bump that occurred in 10 mins or less.I made an appointment to have him looked at.

The Vet named Nicholes at PARKVIEW VETERINARY HOSPITAL in monterey ca said at 1st just by looking at him that my dog had a common bump and she would be able to drain the fluid with no problem, they drained the fluid, and she asked everyone to leave the room for her to tell me that my dog has hemangiosarcoma. She explained to me what that is and that my dog only have 6months to live based on the book she grabbed from her desk, in this case she said that this type of cancer in benign and it will continue to keep growing, she also told me that with a dog having to live with this cancer will only make my dog suffer, she recommended euthanasia because the cancer may have already spread all through my dogs system. I am devastated and feels like my world fell apart!!! She gave a pain meds to comfort my dog, but that same day after seeing the vet, the lump is slowly going down, I called them for it and told me its normal!, but in my opinion I thought I should see a different vet and I did the second vet checked and held my dog and felt him for any other signs of hemagiosarcoma (head to toe), and did not see any sign for the said cancer, he took some blood works.

after a day the new Vet told me that there are no signs of plasti cells or cancer cells that is present in my dog (negative!!!!), he then prescribed my dog anti biotic for his hematoma seroma. After giving my dog anti biotics for 2 weeks, the lump completely disappeared. Now, I made the Park view vet be aware of what the new vet had told me and told them that the lump in gone, and all they told me was to see an oncologist to have a third opinion, because hemangiosarcoma is a cancer they said that cant be seen thru blood work!! but I was able to talk to the oncologist that Parkview recommended to call and they told me, hemagiosarcoma can be seen.

Told Parkview about it and still The VET NICHOLES said she is not changing her prognosis, that it is still a cancer and they don't want me to be their client anymore!!!! WOW!! .On November 15, I took my dog to a military vet clinic and asked them for a 3rd opinion and told me the same thing that my dog is healthy and no signs of hemagiosarcoma. That's 2 good vets VS 1 Parkview vet!!!!

I asked for a compensation and they are not willing to work with me!!!so I say DONT GO TO PARKVIEW VETERINARY HOSPITAL in Monterey ca !!!!

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Columbia, Kentucky, United States #744520

This happens.One vet's diagnosis can differ from another's.

This is why you were wise to not kill the dog and went for more opinions.

People---like veterinarians---make mistakes.Time to get over it.

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